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What can Cool Science do for you, your class or your school? (download our Teacher's Flyer)

Electricity at Steele Elem 2006
photo by Cayton Photography

Demonstration Shows Cool Science will wow the audience with experiments and displays that may look like magic, but explain the science behind them.

Hands-on Activity Tables, Workshops, and Directed Activities Cool Science brings a hands-on approach to an activity, allowing students to interact more closely with scientific concepts and materials. They will build, create, and discover in a more one on one setting on a variety of topics.

Electric Motors at UCCS 2009


Science and STEM/STEaM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math) Nights, Parent/Teacher Training Cool Science's variety of programs are ideal for these increasingly popular special events. We can also teach many of our activities and demonstrations to your school’s parents and teachers, so that they can use the activities in the classroom or at home.

Mini Day of Science and Day of Science at Your Elementary or Middle School Cool Science turns your gym or cafeteria into a science exploration center for the day, providing a 45-60 minute customized interactive science demonstration for each grade/class in your school.

Or for an even more intense experience, Cool Science will take over your entire elementary school for a whole day of Cool Science demonstrations and hands-on experiments! Hurry though- we can only do a couple of these per year, so sign up early!


Steel 2006
photo by Cayton Photography

Science Club/Team Mentoring Cool Science helps to establish an after-school Cool Science Club for your middle or high school, providing tips and activity ideas. Or, for pre-existing clubs, Cool Science will work with students in a mentorship capacity to help them realize their goals.


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